Travel Tips

Your Go-To Bag as Seen on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend on ABC

  • A sturdy bag – I have a leather one just in case I want to put more things.. and make sure it can be as a quick back satchel if you are running or need to walk its better than carrying it.
  • A high beam bright, click button, small flashlight
  • A notepad small but a lot of pages and pen
  • Your medication
  • Your passport / get an RFID cover for it
  • A pocket utility knife / make sure you put in your checked luggage before and after.
  • A external phone battery charger (back up)
  • A printed map from your hotel to the US Embassy in that country.  Just in case your phone doesn’t work
  • Register on Step.State.Gov for Free. This way if something was to happen you can go to the closest Embassy, and let in easier if you are registered with all of your information.  A must! When going overseas.
  • Your Cell phone
  • Write down important numbers on a sheet, emergency contacts etc. When there is an emergency crisis all phones are locked up and you cannot use your cell phone.
  • A small RFID paper wallet, take prepaid credit card, and credit card, as well as cash.  I keep two.  One in my bag and one on me just in case I lose one or I get robbed, it’s not much value. 
  • I also keep one bottle water in there.
  • Remember to keep your car key.. if you have to leave everything behind, we don’t want your car key in the luggage.
  • Airline tickets/travel itinerary
  • If a business trip, I back up my work off my laptop and keep that in my “Go Bag” as well.  Just the back up.  Small the size of a phone.
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