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Introduction to Travel – Travel Tips – Saving Money

February 15, 2018
We’ve all dreamed visiting Iceland, it’s incredible landscapes and seeing the Northern Lights. Iceland is the hottest cold vacation spot on the planet right now. I’m constantly getting calls from everyone – solo travelers, couples, friends, families and groups who want to go.

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Due to her expertise in the industry, travel enthusiasts near and far seek Tammy’s advice and knowledge when it comes to globe-trotting. Her many years as an agent and all the strategic-partnerships she has engaged in have given her the insight many people desire on the ins and outs of traveling. Once this information got into the right hands, such as Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington……. Watch out!

The world now wants to know all her secrets: Where are the most exotic places to visit? Where can someone go that’s safe, amazing, yet guarded against tourism traps? And how can one afford to travel to all these far away places?

You can catch Tammy Levent, traveler extraordinaire,  and multi-Emmy award winner, Jerry Penacoli, as they unleash all they know about traveling the world in a new hit series called Just Go Trav. An entertaining NBC daytime national travel show where you will not only explore and learn of fascinating destinations and get to know the world, but as viewers of the show, you will be given the exclusive privileges, deals and offers to actually book them!  

In each episode, Tammy and Jerry will have guest speakers from various regions near and far,  resort owners, and special surprise visitors, who will share their culture and open the viewer’s eyes to the world that exists outside their own. Together, they will provide travel tips information, humor, and entertainment based all on their many years of experience. The makings of a very unique, interactive and educational travel show.

Tune in every Wednesday on NBC for weekly episodes and then come back to the “Just Go Trav” Page to learn more about their exclusive offers. You are closer to your dream vacation than you think! If you miss the show on TV, we will be posting all the weekly segments on our website.

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Daytime is a (1) hour nationally syndicated entertainment and lifestyle program produced in Tampa, FL that airs from 10 – 11 AM Mon – Fri following the TODAY show.

Hosts, Cyndi Edwards and Jerry Penacoli, offer a broad look at:
• Cooking secrets/segments from top chefs
• Star interviews
• DIY and fix-it tips
• The country’s hottest travel spots
• Fashion trends
• Highlight local/community events and organizations
• Local and national musical performances
• Health and fitness tips and trends
• Financial tips and advice from the experts
• Introducing Travel Co-Host Tammy Levent


Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank says Just Go Trav with Tammy Levent is the hottest new tv and digital marketing program to hit the travel industry in years!


Kevin Harrington, As Seen On TV pioneer, is widely acknowledged as the inventor of the infomercial. He’s also widely known as one of “the original sharks” on Shark Tank, the hit ABC television series. Kevin has launched thousands of products generating more than $4 billion worldwide. Founder of two incredibly important educational organizations (the Entrepreneur’s Organization and the Electronic Retailing Association), he is the model of modern mentorship and knows exactly how to help people embrace the entrepreneurial mindset.

Kevin is also a Just Go Trav investor and partner.


Tammy Levent, CEO of Elite Travel, has built a wildly successful travel agency in the midst of an onslaught of disasters greater than any the industry has ever known. She’s survived—and thrived—in this “brave new world” of travel experts. Also the founder of TASK.

Sharing the limelight with a variety of special guests, celebrities and travel extraordinaires’, we have created a branded segment, Just Go Trav with Tammy Levent, to help viewers determine their next vacation with her sponsored guests. Discover some of the most spectacular places to visit, and accompanying special promotions and rates, exclusivey through this national television platform.


Known to viewers across the country for his work on EXTRA, has been Co-Host of “Daytime” going on three years.

Jerry is a multiple Emmy award-winner and has served as a correspondent for “Extra” for the past 15 seasons. Penacoli covers many of the show’s high profile and exclusive interviews. A respected host, he has also been a host for E! Entertainment Television.

Jerry is an avid outdoorsman and artist.


With an insatiable curiosity and a deep desire to learn something new each day, co-hosting Daytime is my dream job. The Daytime crew is like one big family and we keep each other laughing.
Every day we meet incredible people doing extraordinary things and I love sharing their stories with you.

When I’m not on the job, I like to spend time with my hubby Colin and our two golden doodles. Travel, golf, volunteering and cultural activities are just a few of the ways we spend our spare time.

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