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Elite Travel was founded by Tammy Levent more than 20 years ago. Tammy got her first taste of entrepreneurship while running an international shipping business at the age of 17. After building the company Tammy sold it and moved to Florida where she started a successful jewelry store. Soon after opening the store her family’s lives were forever changed when two armed robbers broke in and stole more than 95 percent of the not yet insured inventory, forcing the store to close.

Fast forward a year and Tammy’s grandmother and her two small children were involved in a car accident that left her grandmother dead and her children in ICU.

It was a nurse in that ICU who posed the question that changed the course of Tammy’s future.

She asked, “If it had nothing to do with money, what would you do?”

She said “I would travel the world.”

With a family to feed, no assets, and a deficit of $180 thousand dollars, Tammy used innovation and creative thinking to build Elite Travel into a massive success that has done more than $75 million in traveled business.

“Sink or Swim” by Tammy Levent

Only Through Extreme Pressure and Stress Does Coal Become a Diamond.
The life story of Tammy Levent shows that only through extreme pressures and stresses can you truly turn a life into a diamond. Tammy has overcome trials and sorrows that would break most people, yet she turns each one into a catalyst to create something even better. She shows that no matter what happens, no matter how horrible of a curve life can throw your way; there is always a silver lining that can be turned into something wonderful. Her inspiring story will help anyone to build on their setbacks and create a life that truly is a diamond to behold.

“Much more than a book of inspiration, Tammy shows us that all things are possible with conviction and determination. To be able to achieve anything, under any circumstances, with no excuses. Her tenacity and drive to break from her past shows us how she literally reinvented herself numerous times and from a readers perspective she makes it look effortless. How she can remain without bitterness or remorse and yet have a sense of humor, she shows us that giving back is what drives her to reach for even more. You allow yourself to believe you can do it too, especially under less daunting odds as she faced. For those who have also met challenges that could break the average person, you will be encouraged to know staying afloat is a first step to survival and if your striving for a life of your own design, It’s a must read!”

-Jody Yetti

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