For National Tequila Day, is this the world’s best tequila?

National Tequila Day is sure to attract fans from all around. Attend the event and enter the tasting room to try the liquor. Tequila is the national drink of Mexico and has its dedicated drinkers. People want to look in to Casa Dragones when possible. They only produce Tequila in small batches, about 500 cases per batch.

Key Takeaways:

  • National Tequila Day is sure to attract people from all around. Come taste the varieties in stock and ready to be sold.
  • Casa Dragones features one room that needs to be seen by guests. The tasting room is unique, since it serves samples of tequila.
  • The room requires a reservation upfront and has only six seats. Plan ahead of time to make the most out of the event itself.

“Casa Dragones produces their tequila in small batches — no more than 500 cases per batch — in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.”