6 Stops on the Hunt for the Holy Grail

Are you interested in religious relics? Have you been seeking an adventurous vacation? Why not go on the hunt for the Holy Grail. Read on to see six amazing places that will make you feel more connected with this piece of history and what you should do when you get to each place.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first of many myths involving a divine grail was written more than eight centuries ago.
  • The sacred object has variously been described as a vessel, dish, chalice, golden bowl, platter, and silver basin, imbued in Celtic myths with miraculous powers. Some camps define it as the cup that was used to collect the blood and sweat of Christ during the Crucifixion.
  • Over the centuries there have been copious religious treasures claimed to be some form of the coveted grail, from the time of the Crusades, when such holy relics were a highly lucrative trade, up to present day, when even a rumored trace of the famous cup can attract grail-seeking tourists to a locale.

“People have been fascinated with the potential whereabouts of the holy treasure every since, making it one of history’s most enduring legends.”